28 Oct 2008

Copic Chat, a Discount and a New Look!!

Wahoo! I've got a new look thanks to Beth at Freckled and Fun !

I know you will miss that funky chicken, but a change is as good as a rest, and I was ready!!

I've also got some exciting news from Barb at Embellish-It Scrapbooking!!

"It's a Copic Chat! We'd like to invite you and ALL of your Copic-lovin' friends to join us for a Copic Chat with Emily Laurel, our Copic Representative!

A Copic Chat.....come with all of your questions if you're a newbie or even a Copic wannabe!

Thursday, October 30, 7:00 MST (Mountain Standard Time)

Right in our forum...c'mon in and join the fun....we're a friendly bunch!

If you can join us, please be sure to let us know where you heard about this awesome opportunity...whether it is here, on a Design Team Member's blog or on a Customer's blog....we want to know! Let us know in this thread!

And, in case you didn't know....
GLITTER is the magic word to get you 20% off of your entire even though the Copics in the store are PREORDER....who can't use the magic of a sale to add these lovelies to your stash?! We look forward to meeting you!!! "

Doesn't that sound like fun!! I can't be there because hubby has a Lodge supper to attend and he needs a pretty little thing on his arm. Eva Longoria is busy that night so that means I have to attend, but I am sure going to check in on the posts when I get home and read all the tips I can!!

Also, if the sun comes out before I have to take Holly to Math Class, I can take a picture of my new card and upload it to my blog.

I have a Little Paper Shop creation to show you since yesterday was Little Paper Shop day - and I was racing around and didn't have time to make one (of course even though EVERY Monday is LPS day, I had all week to do it but my procrastinator self wouldn't let me!!)

As far as yesterday goes, I had the ultrasound on my right breast, and they said the doctor would call me later this week to give me the results.........for gawd's sakes!!

That could mean

1. Bad news - they don't want to be the ones to deliver that news OR

2. Good news - they didn't find anything and didn't want to waste any more of their time...

Either way, they should have told me because I am going nuts!!


  1. Love the new look...but I do miss the funky chicken...

  2. Anonymous10:13

    awwwww Bring back the chicken.
    I really LOVED your old banner. This one is nice...but looks just a tad bit faded.
    I LOOOOOOOOOOVE your blog.
    You are one very talented lady!

  3. I like your new banner :) Lotsa pink!! You cracked me up w/ your Eva comment LOL! Are you a housewives fan?? Well, I'll stop by later to see your LPS card but for now, still esnding lots of good thoughts your way!

  4. Great new look i love it.

  5. Ok, change is good...but I do miss the chicken! I guess I'll deal...

    As for the ultrasound-I've been there. Just try to not think about it for now. I know that's easier said than done, but just enjoy your days since there's nothing you can do until you hear the doctor say "everything's fine". He probably just has a crush on you and wants to hear your voice!!

    Have a great day!

  6. I love the old banner, but I love this new banner too! Awesome look!

  7. Yuppers on all accounts,miss the chicken and waiting for results is nerve wracking. I just had a mamo on the one I have left after going thru the cancer blah blah and waiting for the alls clear is driving me nutzo(nuttier..:)).Perhaps I'll hear today. Ty for sharing and best wishes to ya.

  8. Linda B19:59

    Bonnie: I understand what you mean about the waiting.....I had the same feeling when I had a biopsy years ago and no one told me anything. Thank God it turned out to be nothing and I pray the same for you. I miss the chicken but like your new header almost as much.

  9. Fabulous new look Bonnie!!!
    Hey just think,no news is good news!


Thank you for your comments!