14 Nov 2008


A little Verve-a-liciousness today!! Cupcake City!! Warm and Fuzzy felt stuff to go along with it!!

That is the challenge this week on Embellish-It Scrapbooking! Ching had the honours this week and her challenge was to create something with felt, out of felt, with felt attached.

I attached a little felt heart (not to be mistaken for heartfelt, and a little felt button from my Fancy Pants Designs Felt Shapes to the side of my Cupcake - to make it yummy! not that it could be any yummier!

I actually used my pink liquid applique!!! - yes, I have been hoarding it for just that special occasion.......which very special occasion that is soon coming my way that I may need pink liquid applique for - THAT is why I am hoarding it!

Oh, who knows why I hoard things???!!!

The card is made from Basic Grey Urban Prairie designer paper and the Cupcake is from Verve Stamps of course, and that set is called Cupcake Affair - love it!!

Here we go..........on a personal note, I took Holly to a doctor's appointment yesterday and I got the nerve up to ask about my breast ultrasound.

After all, it has been almost 3 weeks and no one has let me know

The report says it is just a cyst and to keep up the mammograms. Well, you think they could have called and told me that.

Anyway, I walked down the hall and started crying - right out of the blue!! I guess I was more worried
than I thought.

I think I will go and have a Cupcake Affair right now!! to celebrate of course!


  1. Super cute Bonnie! have a great weekend!

  2. OMG Bonnie I am so happy and relieved for you, my sweet friend! What awesome news. Thank you for letting us know!!! I can't believe they made you wait that long. Good for you for asking. that is your right and my gosh that is a LONG time...

    You go and have that cupcake affair, girlfriend! The one you made today looks good enough to eat! I love it! Big hugs,

  3. This is awesome, Bonnie! I love it!

  4. Just fabulous, Bonnie :)
    hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Yummy! Glad to hear everything is okay with you! Deb

  6. OMG Bonnie! I'm so glad that everything was okay! Sure would have been nice if they had called to let you know there was nothing to worry about! Darn doctors!!!!
    I love your card! It's fantastic!

    Hugs to you,

  7. Great big hug! That is awesome news! So happy for you! Doctor's can be so inconsiderate sometimes! Your card is adorable!

  8. Bonnie, so so sweet! I LOVE this card. Just fun and gorgeous all together!

  9. Beautiful card...that paper is BEEYOOTEEFULL!

    Glad to hear the scan went scary!

  10. Love the pink cupcake! Adorable!

    I am so glad you got good news! I am going back for a follow up on Thursday...said they need more images to make a diagnosis. I hate this and I am trying not to think about it. Last time it happened I ended up having two masses removed. They were benign luckily, but that doesn't make me worry any less. I am so happy for you!

  11. Sick of me yet? heehee (I always seem to fall so far behind!) hafta tell you how sweet this is. I love love LOVE the layout and the glittery cuppie cake. Cute! SO ver very very glad to hear your good health news. They really should have phoned, hey!? Hugs, :O) Mel


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