4 Dec 2008

I'd like to thank the Academy.....and a mess.....

I received a very sweet award the other day from AnnMarie! *waving hi!!* (If I had the smilies thingy-s then I could actually wave......)

The rules are (be prepared) to award 10 other bloggers with this cool award and let them that they have been nominated........

So I am nominating whoever reads my blog - I am being presumptuous here, hoping there are 10 of you out there.......

My washing machine hose broke last night and spewed water all over hell's half creation (weird saying) and since the hose and plumbing are in the wall, the water from the washing machine emptied into the walls and floor, into the basement bedroom through the ceiling light fixture.

The dog kept barking at the door - which is now a guest bedroom - used to be the scrapbook room - and I thought there was a bat or a mouse in there, so I didn't go in.

Finally, my son went in and came back out laughing, "it's not a mouse, mom" - I couldn't see the humour...... so that mess is on the agenda for first thing this morning. It might be funny now.

Come on back later......I should will have something to show you. Don't worry, it's not dirty laundry - although I could start a blog about that..........

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  1. Aw crap, I hate that! But better 'n a bat...or a giant spider, right?! Am I right?!

    Hey, thanks for the award (I am at least one of 10...) Have a great weekend Bonnie!


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