30 Dec 2008

Take a Look at Embellish-Online!!

Pop on over to Embellish-Online and check out Embellish-Online's Deal of The Day!

There is a new deal for you to check out everyday and today the May Arts ribbon is 20% off!! Wahoo!!

AND if you use code word GLITTER, you can save an EXTRA 20% off your ENTIRE order - even the May Arts ribbon!!

There will be another "Deal of the day" tomorrow!! That GLITTER codeword is good for any order, any day, until further notice and don't forget - 20% off your whole order!!

AND while you are there, be sure to sign up for our newsletter because you want to find out what those daily specials are! - you don't want to miss a good deal do you??!!

Hop on over there, sign up and start saving!! Oh, and tell them Lucky sent you!! ;)

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  1. Thanks Bonnie for the hot tip! Happy new year! Deb


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