21 Aug 2009

Ridiculous! and a diaper cake.......

That is what I am....ridiculous! I cannot catch up..... especially going into the weekend.

I want to get everything done so that I can enjoy some family time and yet I keep getting sidetracked by other important (Bejeweled) things that pop up and I need to do those things (Bejeweled) before anything else can get done!

It just seems that those other important things (Bejeweled) seem to take up soooo much of my time that everything else falls by the wayside.....(if you don't know what Bejeweled is, it is a good thing! - it's a computer game that is so dang addictive it has taken over my life... lol!)

Well, I am sort of kidding, I do have many projects ongoing but I can show you a little something I made for a baby shower recently.

I saw the idea on Jackie Pedro's blog (and a fabulous blog it is!!) and she had the link to Susan Liles blog (another ridiculously wonderful blog!) and that is where I found the tutorial - super duper easy - just a little time consuming but not too much that you don't want to make one!

I only have this one picture because (as per usual) I was in a hurry to get somewhere and didn't take the time to take a proper picture!

The letters are from Basic Grey unfinished cardstock alphabet and I painted them with baby blue acrylic paint and then sprinkled some glitter on them - which I HAD to do because, well, it's glitter!

I cut out Stamping UP! designer paper using the oval and scalloped oval nestabilities and glued them together and then I adhered the letters to the ovals. I glued a popsicle stick onto the ovals and shoved (another technical term....) them down into the diapers so they would stay put.

I cut the stars out of the same designer paper with the small and large Stamping UP! star punch and glued them together and then added them around the bands on the cake!

It was a hit and apparently it has a place of honour on the dresser of said baby Liam.......I should tell them to open up that cake because he will soon be too big to wear the diapers!!


  1. 'Toot sweet!' I love the name tag with that gorgeous paper!

  2. So adorable!!!! Love love love it...and I am appalled that you are sidetracked by Bejeweled....I myself Never left myself get sidetracked by Bejeweled! I get all of my Important things (Farkle) done right away!

  3. RIDICULOUS is to describe this RIDICULOUSLY CUTE diaper cake, OMG!!! How long did this take you, woman? You are amazing!

  4. Diaper Cakes - how fun...I remember making a couple of these...They are so fun to decorate too. And BEJEWELED - talk to me. It is so addictive. I've unlocked the "entire lifetime total points badge". I challenge myself and try to make at least 500,000, and keep trying til I do, or til it's way way past time to cook, sleep, whatever playing the game is preventing me from doing!

  5. ohhh this is just awesome! I made a diaper cake a while back too! I lvoe how they turn out and make a stunning gift too! I too am addicted to bejewled! Darn game!!! But it is ohhh so much fun!!!


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