11 Sept 2009

Sit Still and Do Not Move!!

I am working hard on projects for next week, and hubby says he wants to go away on the 19th for a few days (huh so I haven't been posting at all!! Which I am sure you figured out!

I am still here though and hopefully you have not deserted me.....This is one of the projects from the May gallery of the Dirty Dozen. If you are a fan member you will have already seen this image and I hope you liked it!

The theme was "Art for Every Woman" ......."honouring moms and daughters, friends and family, famous females and ladies who have quietly made a difference in your life"!

I remember (years ago) getting my hair cut and the hairdresser using that razor to make my "Pixie" cut.

My mother would warn me before we went, "do not move" or the razor might slip and cut me.

Years later I found out that the hairdresser drank more than just cola out of that bottle that sat on the counter, so no wonder my mom drilled it into me! LOL!

I took a side view picture of my then, 3 month old granddaughter, printed it off in black and white (to save the cartridge), and cut out her silhouette, funny hair and all.

I traced it onto a piece of black cardstock, cut it out and adhered it onto white cardstock that had been stamped with the Papertrey Ink Damask stamp in Sweet Blush ink.

To frame the silhouette, I cut four pieces of 1" x 6-1/2" and ran them through the Swiss Dot Cuttlebug. I mitred the corners and adhered it with pop dots to the cardstock.

I stamped the background mat with the Papertrey Ink Damask Designs stamp in the old style Sweet Blush ink and then laid it on top of the Swiss Dotted cardstock.

I added a button to the white silk Imaginisce flowers and then added the Jenni Bowlin Pearl "flower" on top.

Then I assembled the frame back together!!

Thanks for looking!!


  1. Wow! Beautiful! Thanks for the instructions!

  2. This is just awesome! What a great project! Thanks for sharing and sharing the instructions too! It's just beautiful!

  3. Oh Bonnie! This is stunning! I want to make these too! Gorgeous creation!

    How's your dog? I hope she's ok!

  4. Gorgeous you genius!! I am so stealing this idea : )

    I bet my customers wonder what I am drinking sometimes.... gotta watch hairdressers. LOL!

  5. This is gorgeous Bonnie! I love silhouettes--they are such a timeless image! I totally want to do this project--thanks for sharing!

  6. What a sweet project! I love everything about it.
    Hugs and smiles

  7. Love this x 1000! I want to create these of my three crazies now...wanna come help?

  8. So brilliant it's scary (or maybe that was the drunken razor wielding hairdresser story?) Seriously though, this is so precious and so lovely!!! :O)


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