26 Oct 2009

and the winner is.......!

Hey everyone! So sorry my winner announcement is late - we are in farming season (isn't every season??!) and some things (blogging, stamping - anything fun) have to take a back seat while I am the "go to" girl!

Go to Home Hardware, go to the bank, go to the mill, go to the field -haha....but I wouldn't change a thing.....

Okay - on with the show

The winner of the blog candy is....... JOLENE!!! Which is kind of weird because I think I may know her, if it is the same Jolene that I know - make much sense??

Could you e-mail me with your address Jolene, an
d I will send out your goodies PRONTO!!

Thank you so much everyone for coming to my bl
og - I LOVE blogging and love creating so even if you didn't visit I would still do it - but don't stop....hehe.....

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