10 Nov 2010

Merry & Bright

Good day! I still have a couple of Waltzingmouse Stamps projects to show you from our most recent release!

This cutie is using the wreath and sentiment from Around Christmastime! The background is, of course, one of the background stamps from Text-It!

I added a bit of bling to the berries - hard to see, I know - and on either side of the sentiment.

Thanks for coming around today! 

Sorry for the short post - but I am trying to get ready to go to Las Vegas!! Wahoo! We will be gone on Saturday until Wednesday for a wedding - I am so excited to go but I do NOT like traveling and flying is just so wrong on so many (sky high) levels and it is a four hour flight!!

My hubby used to own a small J-3 Cub (two seater) and I never minded flying around in that, but this is different......


  1. Beautiful card, Bonnie! Love the star with the wreath. Have safe travels and lots of fun in Vegas!

  2. Eek! You didn't mind the 2 seater but are nervous in the biggie?! I don't like flying either! This is very pretty! I love the wreath inside the star!

    Have a great trip! Vegas is fun!

  3. Flying definitely takes all the fun out of traveling, but it will be worth it. Just have a drinky-poo as soon as you take off. At least you have your husband to grab onto. I've actually grabbed the arm of a perfect stranger a time or two when there was turbulence!!!

    I hope you hit it big and come back with lots of cash!!!

    Oh, and I love your card! :)


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