3 Dec 2010

Embracing my Joy!

What a wonderful premise don't you think? I was cruising around Blogdumb yesterday and found this wonderful post on Sarah Markley's Blog! and God help me, I am going to do it. 

I absolutely KNOW that I have Joy in my life - I just don't take the time to recognize it as I see it, and give God thanks!Smiley from

This is absolutely not like me at many of you would dare to tell me (don't tell me) but by jeepers, I am going to stop and recognize and then embrace the Joy in my life everyday and post it to my blog!

My Joy's may not make sense to you - but then again they don't have to - as long as they make sense to me - wow! is this a break through or something?!

Be prepared!!  By the way, I am stone cold sober.....

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  1. Love this post, Bonnie -- my blog is called "Joy in a JAR" just for that very reason ---- that I seem to have forgotten as well. :)


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