22 Sep 2011

My Head's in the Clouds!

Good Morning!

Well, my new countertop is finally installed and it is freakin' beautiful!! A gorgeous black quartz that actually makes my kitchen look bigger - yay! One drawback - you can't see where a fly lands on black HAH!

I participated in a "The Cat's Pajamas" sketch challenge a couple of week's ago and forgot to post it - yikes!

The sketch was sketchy, if I do say so myself *snicker* but I pulled it off!

Here is the sketch

and here is my take on it!

My supply list is at the end of this post - I am trying something new to see if it goes over well. I have seen it on other blogs so I thought I would try it out.  

Apparently it is just in the testing yes, I am testing it! HAH!

Well, I am off to a fashion show today with my mom.   She is taking me out for lunch and while we eat, we watch models with their outfits strutting - sounds like fun!

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  1. Anonymous06:54

    Any improvement in this old house of mine is huge. I love the color of the formica countertops. Taking a cue from that long scratch on the original ones, I’m extremely careful not to do anything to damage them, but they are pretty durable.


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