30 Nov 2011

Our Table and Banner time!

This is a picture of our table that we had for our craft sale this past weekend! 

Lots of colour draws people in - we did an amazing amount of business so something must be working Hah!

This is the banner I have made for this year's sale - just a simple two point banner decorated with the 12 Days of Christmas from My Mind's Eye.

I will try to get a better picture of it. Right now I am busting a gut making cards - I had a real role-on today -not sure why?- Smiley from millan.netbut it felt good to just make cards for no other reason than I wanted to - know what I mean?!

I'll be posting them as soon as I get my camera back from my son who is taking pictures of an arbor he is building for his college horticulture class! and I get to keep it - wonderfully happy about that!

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