29 Aug 2013

My Candy Crush Summer....... wasn't supposed to be a Candy Crush summer.......but this was a typical summer day at my house....

GungHO! Up and at'em folks!  Laundry to start. Dishwasher to unload. Beds to make - you know the deal.

Enter Laundry room. (why dies it have a capital "L")

Remove pieces of Hoover Floor Mate cleaner from the washing machine. I washed the pieces last night and piled them on top of the washer until they dried. They are dry.

Decide to put Hoover cleaner together quickly. Notta.

Log onto computer to google Hoover Floor Mate dissection/ resurrection - something like that - doesn't matter.

Ooooo 6 Candy Crush notices!!

Morning done.......pthhhhh.

I'll be back with a card - honestly....

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