17 Oct 2007

Teaching Again!!

Every Tuesday , my daughter Holly has a math class to attend. We drive about an hour each way to get there and back home again, so yesterday about 15 minutes before we were about to depart, Holly said:

"I think I would like to give my teacher another card."

"Oh?" said I. "Sure, I can make you one this week."

"Well" she said. "I was thinking today would be a good day because blah, blah, blah......."

I blocked out what she was saying in order to concentrate on my rising blood pressure - forcing it to stay at a semi- healthy level.... of course, she would want it today, why wouldn't she want it today?-- why doesn't she think of these things ahead of time!?-- because, she can't, that's why.....

Holly has a disability that prevents her from understanding timing, consequences, numbers, telling time etc.-thus the math class. We deal with it one day at a time and sometimes we scream into our pillows at night in order to meet the next!....our poor pillows!

However, back to the task at hand......

Why, oh why don't I have these cards availabale, at a moment's notice, to grab in instances such as these?!!!

Naturally, I rushed to my scrap room and grabbed a Teachabella from my Stamping Bella, thank goodness I have a couple of stamped images from my stamping daughter Marcie's collection! and THANK GOODNESS for Paper Pretties card in a box! I still had some already, precisely cut pieces to make a card from the last card in a box, so I grabbed those out of my organized scrapbooking room (HAHAHA!) -aka- left over pieces that were laying on the bed.....!!

I threw all this wonderful- on hand- card making "stuff" together and created not too bad a card considering I usually take hours to put one together. I added some scraps of ribbon and a little flower embellishment from Love, Elsie, and VOILA!!

Holly's teacher loved it, thought I was very talented {blush} so all is well!!

Lesson learned - yeah!

So, this morning I am off to buy some shelving for my NEW scrapbooking room that I am putting together. Maybe I will get some pictures goingof what we are doing - nothing fantastic of course - we are trying to keep it as inexpensive as to go!!


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