18 Oct 2007


Woooo hoooo! She is one happy girl... just look at the bling on that finger!!

This is Blingabella, another Bella that I just luv.....

She is all wrapped up and flying high with her brand new piece of jewelry.

And who knows ...maybe she bought it for herself....why not? She is a pretty cool chicken with her beautiful paisley dress and matching boots!

I mean really! cool is she?!

She is all done up in scraps that I had around so I don't even know the make of paper, but I just stamped her with black ink, backed her on pink and pale yellow cardstock.....wrapped a huge orange ribbon around and tied a bow.

I used my ticket punch from Stampin' up (luv that thing!) and cut my cardstock with those crazy scissors everybody gets for their first scrapbook purchase, to make a little bit of cutesy frill!

Then I added some brads and she is all ready to be sent to congratulate your friend for her purchase or her engagement!! Either way, she is kind of fun!

Supper is on, hubby put a roast beef in, some roasted vegetables and mashed taties, gravy and salad!!



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  1. I love your card, da bella, da blog. It is soooo good sistah! Mine is still in the works, ya know, trying to work on getting looking good or whatevah! You rock sistah! Maybe I will work on mine when I finish reading everyone else's! Not! I will nevah get finished! Anyway, added you to my favorites! Ciao'!


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