1 Dec 2007

Cardinal Christmas!

Hey Everybody!

I babysat on Thursday and I was driving all over on Friday so I haven't been very productive!

However, today, I was able to get back at it and I have some things to show you! YAY!

I drove into Scrappin' Great Deals on Friday morning to pick up an order.

Oh my gosh....I ordered some nestabilities ages ago and they were on back order so when Sheila e-mailed me and said "The boxes are here!!! I haven't gone through them all yet - but they are here, so come on over!" I went!!

Of course when I was there, she had these sweet stamp sets - Inkadinkado Holiday Silhouette Stamp Set, and I really couldn't resist them.

So then when I got home hubby said, "Let's go to Chatham for groceries". For some reason that man always has to eat lunch and supper which means there has to be food in the house - which there isn't. So off we went to get groceries and the whole time I was thinking about my new stamp set and nestabilities!! (hidden in my car - but you knew that....)

I finally got to stamp this morning and this is what I came up with.

I stamped the cardinal in Versa red and then masked it to add the pine cone branch. Then I masked the branch to add another branch. The second one sort of looks like it is hanging onto nothing but that is how it is going to stay.

There was only one piece of evergreen at first, but then the sponging came out kind of wonky so I added a leaf to the branch. Then I got thinking that evergreens really shouldn't have a maple leaf attached and so by this time, I was getting frustrated and when I took it off --it ripped the paper!! That is when I decided to add another piece of evergreen. You can still kind of see it but not too much....cover up time!!

Basic Grey Scarlet Letter is glued to olive green cardstock for the background.

I added a ribbon and then glued the teeny weeny red ribbon to the green ribbon and added a halfbow for a bit of interest.

Sometimes it takes forever to do a card!!

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot the VERY BEST PART OF THE DAY!! ......besides being with my hubby (that goes without saying)

Since I get to look after my little grandson who is the cutest baby EVER...... (I betcha didn't know that) my son-in-law picked up a JANOME SEWING MACHINE!!!!! for me!!!!!

I just about fell through the floor! Now I have to figure out how to use it AND find a spot for it. Marcie is going to have to come over and organize my room so I can start using it. Isn't he just the best son-in-law EVER!? I doubt if Marcie had anything to do with it at all......(right)



  1. Great card, I particularly appreciate the little red ribbon you added. It really pops and plays well with the cardinal.

    I have a sewing machine and can manage to sew a straight line with it so I'm in awe of anyone who can create works of art with fabric. I'm guessing you fall into that category. I hope you'll post some of your creations.

    Lori (SBS2)

  2. Awwww what a cute card !

    What a fab Son in Law as well ... can we share him ?? please ?


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