28 Jul 2008

Just Playing Around......

My hubby wandered into my stamp room this morning muttering something about needing clean underwear, and he got pawing through some of the stamp sets - {please don't look in the closet.....}

He reminded me that we needed some sympathy and thank you cards and held up Gina K Designs set Comfort and Peace. "Would this be a good set to use?" I wanted him to stop snooping hug me so I said "oh yes, perfect honey!!"

Then I sat down and played around a bit.

I love using these stamps with my Tombow markers......I just draw on the stamp with the colours I want to use, then I mist up the rubber a wee bit - not too much or you get a messy blob -I say that through experience- then you stamp on your paper!!

So easy and beautiful!!

My paper is Papertrey Ink white, but I am sure you could use watercolour paper, in fact, maybe you are supposed to use watercolour paper, but then again, in stamping, is there anything that you are "supposed" to do!!?? Besides have fun??!?!

The bluish green paper is Memory Box Caribbean and around it I tied a bit of Papertrey Ink ribbon.

The last thing I did was stamp the sentiment, which is from the Comfort and Peace set also, in Brilliance Black AFTER I tied the ribbon, which is very tricky to do!

I should have stamped it before I glued it down but I forgot and tried to get away with it after. Let me tell you, it was difficult. I had to make sure the sentiment was placed at the top of my acrylic block so that the block wouldn't interfere with the ribbon when I stamped and then get black ink all over the place. UGH!!

I managed to get away with it this time but there have been other times when you cross your fingers - and it still gets mucked up!!

Well, I should go get some laundry done before Canadian Idol starts.

Nothing like an underwearless man wandering around.......


  1. hahahaha, not only do I love your card, but I love the story that goes with it, expecially the underwearless man :-)

    Thanks for your inspiration!!

  2. I can just picture your hubby in your stamp room without underwear!
    That is soooo funny Bonnie!
    Your card is very pretty,love the technique of the mist!

  3. What a gorgeous card. The colors are perfect. As for your story, it was just what I needed to make me laugh at the end of a not-so-funny day. TFS!!

  4. Funny hubby! Love this sweet soft card. The stamp and sentiment are so nice for your needs. Take care, Deb

  5. Finding 10 new posts on your site today means I am either way behind in my reading or you are posting way too much! I'm a bit jealous. Of course, my dh has clean underwear! Ok, usually he doesn't and then I have to rush to get it done...anyhoo-I went through all of your recent posts and your work is gorgeous! Really lovin' your designs and colors-great cards Bonnie!


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