12 Dec 2008

Playing with Alcohol!? LSC198

Well, of course you know I don't mean whiskey or rum, but alcohol inks!! Aren't I funny!!?? pthththt!

We sold a lot of Christmas tile coaster sets at the craft sales a couple of weeks ago and also were blessed??? with a lot of orders.

And blessed with a lot of flubs!! I didn't know what to do with the leftover, nasty, flubby tiles, until today when I read about the Limited Supplies Challenge - going green and to reuse and recycle!!

Since I had used Staz-on ink, on the flubby tiles, I had read that if I used blending solution on Staz-On, it should come right off.

So that is what I am using for the challenge today, AND it actually worked! I really didn't trust but what the heck, they were wrecked anyway - what did I have to lose!!

So I applied blending solution to a sponge and lo and behold, the Staz-on Ink came off and the tile was ready to play with again!!

Different people have different tastes, naturally, and not everyone wants the Christmas primitive look........some want bolder colours, some want different designs, some want just primitive, not know what I mean.

I had done some primitive coaster sets with distress inks but wanted to experiment with some alcohol inks. These are not the primitive ones, but a set for a young woman setting out on her own in her own apartment.

I made up this set, which, although the customer thinks it is gorgeous, (thank goodness..) personally I think it is a little bright for my taste......although, maybe it's just the cranberry one.....whoooo.....bright.........

I think I will baaaack off on the intensity of the inks next time.

I used Kim Hughes Nature's Silhouettes stamps and Mona Lisa Moments "Motivational Centers" for these coasters.

Check out Cathy's tutorial for using alcohol inks and tile coasters. I followed it .....sort of.......then branched out a bit and experimented.

Thanks for looking!!


Supplies Used: Ranger Alcohol Inks, blending solution, 18k golf leafing pen, plus above mentioned stamps sets


  1. Hee hee ret title. WOW girl these are fantastic, love them.

  2. Bonnie, they're gorgeous :)

  3. They came out great Bonnie!!

  4. Gorgeous Bonnie! These are such great gifts!

  5. Oh My Goodness Bonnie! Those are stunning!!!!

  6. Stunning! Love the colours & the texture you got. Hafta love those alcohol inks! :O)

  7. Awesome tile set! Very artsie and creative feel to these beauties! Merry inking! Deb

  8. The tiles are fabulous! Love the Abraham Lincoln quote, especially.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. VERY nice gift!! Lucky girl! I love the colors!

  10. These are beautiful! Wow..I am SO not good w/ alcohol when I see these I really enjoy them. They're awesome!

  11. They're beautiful, Bonnie! Even the Cranberry or should I say especially the Cranberry one. Reminds me of sunsets in AZ.


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