19 Jan 2009

Valentine Cards.

I managed to get some paper crafting done this weekend, even though I was hardly in my room at all this weekend!

I actually bought a cardmaking kit! I wanted to see what the cards were really like, and also wanted to do some crafting with my daughter Holly.

She really hates the time that stamping takes away from her, so I thought that if we could do it together, it might help. It really didn't change her thinking at all, but she enjoyed finishing a couple of projects with me just the same!

This is the Basic Grey Bittersweet Greeting Card Kit, that I bought at the Paper PIckle. Inside there is enough supplies to make eight cards, although I am only showing 4 of the cards we made.

You can buy it online at Embellish-It Scrapbooking and with the code word "Glitter", you can receive 20% off your order........just something to think about!!

The instructions included in this kit are so straight
forward and honestly, Holly and I managed to piece these together in an afternoon! I even heard from a reliable source, that if you are not feeling well, you can still put this baby together pretty easily!!

You don't even have to follow the instructions if you don't want to. You can alter the cards which ever way you want to. I did that on one of the cards. I'm not very adventurous sometimes!!

Off to town today to take Holly's computer BACK in to get serviced. We took it in last week to put more ram and disc space on it (do I actually sound like I KNOW what i am talking about?!) and they forgot to put the modem back in (I give up, I don't know what that is) so now we have to pack it back up and take it back in - what a pain.......

And Holly lives for and on her computer.


  1. gotta love those kits don't ya!!!

  2. You were busy! Super cute cards!

  3. WOW! Busy is right! And these are all gorgeous, Bonnie! Love them!

  4. Great cards! Love the SWAK one! I try to to talk my kids into stamping with me all the time...usually they looks at me like I have grown a new head! LOL

  5. Bonnie these are just adorable!! Love, love love them!! I am completely in love with this Bittersweet pack of paper. I am really low on it and now I need to get more!! How great to spend an afternoon with your daughter stamping. My best friend doesn't enjoy it either but it always means so much to me when she goes ahed and does it anyway!

    Good luck today with the computer! It is the bain of my existence!


  6. they are wonderful bonnie! you were much more productive than i was this weekend!!

  7. These cards are all Gorgeous!

    I hope they get your daughter's computer fixed right... what a pain!

  8. Gorgeous...great DP and loving all that chipboard!

  9. Wow, Bonnie! What a great card kit! It actually don't even look like the cards were made with a kit! They look fabulous!!! I love the colors and the embellishments!


  10. All fabulous, Bonnie! I've never bought a kit either, but that looks like a great one!

  11. Oh my gosh - these are awesome - I love every one of them!!! My favorite is the first one with the long layout and fun flourishes!!
    hugs, Jami

  12. These are fabulous! Love the cards! Sorry it didn't inspire your daughter. Mine hates stamping too! LOL She wants me to be a "normal" mom. What IS that?

  13. Love these Valentines cards! Yikes, how does one trained for computer repairs forget to put it back together correctly?! I know how it is to suffer without a computer! Good luck!


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