6 Mar 2009

On Your Mark!!

Today's Limited Supply Challenge is to make a card in 30 minutes or less!

That is a toughie for me. I usually sweat the small stuff in my cardmaking regarding colours, placement, stamps, name it, I sweat! ewwwww.......

Anyway, I just decided to quit whining and get out the Cuttlebug and punches. Then I shut up and made my card - in less than 30 minutes!!

I fell off my Lent. Bah. We went to into Walmart last night after our wonderful student served dinner and hubby actually asked if there was a craft section. I must have been very good at hiding hiding hiding things...... I can't think of a better word......

Martha Stewart had some cute punches, so I scooped up this one......she also had a bunny punch.....but the chicks won my heart naturally. You could easily use it for a baby card also!

I swiped around the Lemon Tart edges with the Fresh Snow ink to kind of tone down the bright yellow and then added a border or Berry Sorbet cardstock under the punched out chickies!

What a beautiful warm day today, thank goodness, I think spring is actually going to happen! yay!


  1. Oh Bonnie those chick ARE adorable! I love your card! You did a great job! I don't think I've ever made a card in 30 minutes! You go girl!

  2. That's a punch! I love it. Our Walmart has gone so very limited in the craft section - no more stamping supplies at all, just scrapping...I'm going to have to find this punch. It's adorable ~ as is your card. 30 minutes - I wish - that is something I will really have to try. Enjoy that beautiful weather!

  3. I'm not sure I could make a card in 30 minutes... it takes me longer than that to think one up! LOL

    I, too, decided to give up buying stamps... which was meant to include all craft stuff...for lent, and then I cheated and bought some craft stuff, but no stamps. Now I'm trying to get back to the full intent of my lenten pledge, but boy is it hard! Especially when there are all these new releases! But then again, it's a piece of cake in light of what the Lord gave up for us. And besides, all that stuff will still be there after Easter. That's what I keep reminding myself of!!! LOL

  4. Wow! That is all I have to say! Wow! I jsut love this card and if yu are goign to fall off lent for something it has to be this punch!

    This is just the cutest!! I love those little chicks and the way you used them to make this really elegant card! Great job!

    BTW, technically you didn't fall off lent sense your DH was the one who asked about the craft station! LOL!


  5. Bonnie,

    Wow you did a great job ont his card, and I love that polka dot ribbon with the Swiss Dots CBF!!!

    Those chicks are adorable too!!! Love it!!!!



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