18 Apr 2009

Butterflies and Pearls.....

This is Day 2 of the sneak peaks for Little Paper Shop's releases on Tuesday!

This set is called Butterflies and is such a pretty little set with so many possibilities! If you check out the Little Paper Shop blog you can find a way to perhaps WIN this set!! YAY!! And don't forget to check around to all the Design Team's blogs to see how they used it.....the links are on my side post!

I have to say when I saw this monochromatic layout on Lisa Johnson's blog, I thought of this Butterfly set immediately, so that is the layout I semi-used...... thanks Lisa!

I stamped the Butterflies three times on my white cardstock in the layout I wanted, and then three times again on scrap cardstock.

I cut out the scrap cardstock butterfly wings, separately, and then took a large glue dot, rolled it between my fingers and attached it to the underside of each wing, right on the inner edge of the wing and attached it to the butterflies on my layout.

I added Frosted Lace Stickles to the edge of each wing and then added Kaiser pearls in the center of the butterflies for little bodies, because butterflies need too......

Oh my WORD, I have to tell you about YESTERDAY!! I went to Scrapfest yesterday, in Kitchener, Ontario with my SIL Deb and her friends Pat and Nancy (**waving hi to the stamping fanatics!!!**) and I was quite excited because one of my local scrap stores were going to be there, The Paper Pickle, and it's always fun to see people you know at these things!!

You have to know, I don't live in an area where there are many stamping people as crazy about stamping as my daughter and it was so fun to travel with these ladies and to mingle with other (more nutty) stampers!!

So after our freakingly amazing class with Vicki Boutin in the morning (more about that tomorrow), we went off to the stamping market to BUY!!!

Well, I didn't realize it, until the morning we left, but the Stamping Bella herself, Emily, was going to be at MY (I say my....) Paper Pickle for the afternoon!!!

I wanted a picture desperately, so I kind of snuck up beside her and wanted Deb to take the picture before Emily knew I was and out kind of fuss no muss!! but she turned around and caught me and was still so gracious to let me have a picture of the two of us together.

( I was kind of crouching down and I actually think my head was kind of in her armpit, so I imagine she wondered what the heck was going on behind her, and let's get this silly lady her picture already!!) I look scared to death......mostly embarrassed at getting caught!!
which is why I am NOT showing the picture..... AND Linda Heavens, (bessieheav) one of the Bellarific Babes herself!!! was there at the Pickle booth with Miss Emily! oh my WORD, I was starstruck all day!!

Anyway, it was a blast and I spent WAY too much money..... Wait a minute.....It is not possible to spend too much money at a stamp show now, is it??!


  1. Love your card, and great picture, hee hee.

  2. loving your card! I lvoe this set! I gave you an award on my blog! I hope you will display it proudly!

  3. Gorgeous butterflies and pink!What more do you need to make a Wonderful card? I think nothing...great job!
    Fun picture!!

  4. Lovely creation! And you're a weirdo...going and stalking Ms. Em! Ha! You just have to show your "Dirty Girl" ID and then they can all stalk you!

  5. Haha Bonnie, I wish I had known you were going so we could meet for quick hello! And no you cannot spend too much at scrapfest, even though I am too embarassed to say exactly how much I spent!

  6. WOW, really beautiful, Bonnie! And how lucky to meet DA BELLA herself! :)

  7. Wow....Linda and Emily...I would have been starstruck too!! What an awesome afternoon! This card is so pretty! I love the decorative bottom and the pearls on the butterflies bodies!

  8. Love the butterfly card... very cute!

  9. Great card, Bonnie! Love the butterflies!


  10. Oh My Bonnie you had quite the week didn't you??? I love the edges of your butterflys and the colors are so pretty!!!


  11. hey...did you know we had sistah paula was there too! Seriously, we wanted t-shirts that said 'hey...we are babes'...then peeps would look at it and say...well, of course you are a babe! LOL!!!


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