23 Sep 2007

Ahhhh, lovely Sunday!!

The day of rest.....yeh right. My hubby and I moved all my daughter's stuff across the road (finally) to her house that she has lived in since May. We put the trailer on the four-wheeler and backed up to the front door and loaded everything on the trailer. It took a few trips back and forth but when you live on gravel, the neighbours even stop to help you, so it didn't take long at all-just back-breaking!!

I have finally decided that, yes, I am going to get into her room and use it for a scrapbooking and stamping room!! YES!! I am going to do it!! Man, what a job. The dresser is still in there but I am drawing up plans and I hope it turns out all right. My other daughter wants to put her 2 cents worth in which I guess I can use all the help organizing. She is kind of anal about that and I am definitely NOT!

Okay, I have been busy making cards, so here it goes.....
Well, of course I didn't make this one.

I need to tell EVERYONE that this card was a RAK to me from the Paper Pretties bunch when I joined the "Card of the month club"!

Well, I don't know for sure if that is what it was or they just sent it to me, but I am going to say that it was a RAK card so I was sooo happy about that!! (and you can't take that away).

It is so beeeeeaaauuuuutiful!!! I squealed when I opened the envelope and I was not really a squealer until I joined Paper Pretties and saw all those Stamping Bellas!!

I just LUV them to pieces and so guess what I did? GUESS?!!

I went right on the Stamping Bella site and bought up several...Cruisabella, Beerafella, Surprisabella, and so many more.....I have so much work to do!!!


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  1. Anonymous20:44

    You're right...I am thoroughly SHOCKED that my mother has a blog. :) The best part of having a mom who scrapbooks and makes cards, is that I get to share her supplies!! Woohoo Bellas! Of course I must let everyone know that she is way more talented than I am, and I'm so lucky to be able to scraplift all her wonderful ideas before anyone else gets to!! Haha!


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