22 Sep 2007

How strange is this.........

Well, here I am, starting a blog about the cards I make (and maybe a bit about my life - just tune out here if necessary) and not knowing a thing about it........and I must admit I am a little nervous just typing away and rambling on.

My daughter says I don't try enough new things, so wait till she gets a load of this!! HAHA!

I will be showing my handmade cards- some of them aren't so bad, and reading sooooo many great stampers' blogs - I LOVE stamping blogs and that is why I am doing this. Maybe you will like this type of reading.......and maybe not......but anyway, leave me a comment if you like my cards.......or don't!!

Now I just hope I can find my way back to this blog when I want to add more posts...........!! {embarrassed grin}.......Oh!!! LUCKY ME!!!

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