21 Dec 2007


Just a quick post, because I am going to fight the masses again.....and go grocery shopping (yuck) .

I detest grocery shopping, well not the actual shopping, but the unloading and putting away. I actually hate putting things away but if I ask for help, and receive help, then I never know where anything went, and at this time of year I WANT TO KNOW where everything is!!

This cute little bag was made for the Ways to Use it Challenge. It was called Wrap it Up and we had to use any type of wrapping for our project. Of course I didn't read the part about being able to use actual wrapping paper and I have the sweetest little Christmas paper.....but oh well....I did use real curling ribbon for the handles, so that counts!

I sewed again!!! I love it! That little Janome pretty much sews can kind of see it in the background but I did crop it out.

I just zig-zagged along with DCWV Christmas Glitter Pack paper. I made the strips so they would get bigger as you go from top to bottom.

I put Making Memories Christmas buttons on one of the panels and doubled them up so there would be a little heighth.....those buttons are too cute! I have a bunch of them in the flowers too. They are kind of a vinyl with paper attached to the back and you just glue them on.

Actually, I'm a dork because I thought they were self adhesive and I wrecked about three buttons trying to rip the back off to get to the adhesive----then I clued in!!

I stamped a tag from a $ store stamp and glittered it all up with STICKLES..... Luv 'em!

I used real curling ribbon and cut and tied and cut and tied and cut and tied and cut and ....well- you get the idea!

And done!



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  1. I hear ya! I hate loading and unloading grocery too! Yuck!

    I love your gift bag! It's very festive and very creative! Great job!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Your blog sister,


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