22 Dec 2007

My Stamping Area.......

Well, here is my work area in all its glory mess! I actually straightened up a bit of it and then I thought, "Wait a minute, I won't be able to find anything!" LOL! so I stopped immediately..... This is actually after a rather hected stamping day. I am trying to finish up a Breast Cancer Album for a friend who walked in the 60 K last September. She is going to forget what it is all about if I don't get it done!! LOL!

I LOVE this suitcase thingy!! This is where I store stuff....isn't is the coolest!! My ribbon is in the top drawer, although I may have to steal the second drawer which is stamp pads. Third drawer is fastenator stuff - may switch that for more ribbon stuff --fourth drawer is empty and fifth drawer is adhesive storage - you know adhesive, glue dots, tac strips, velcro etc.

I thought I would show you where I work....mostly because when I see people stamping rooms on their blogs they are usually so neat and tidy and I think, "am I the only slob??!!". I mean I would love to "create" (if that is what I really do- LOL!) in a nice clean area all the time.....but with is not feasible.....or possible......

This is where I store my brads, eyelets, buttons, baubles - you name it - anything tiny enough to fit up someone's nose (yep- I have a grandson!!) - it goes in here.

It is a wonderful little storage cube that I got from R & R Scrapbooking, back when I used to make jewelry. When you go to their site, go to store and then BEST storage products. They are kind of expensive but it works great for all the little things and I know right where to go to get a brad or whatever!

This is where I store my acrylic stamps. They are all on plastic CD holders that I bought at a surplus store for $3 for a pack of 10 CD holders. You have to take out all the insides but that only takes a second. I bought the little wire CD holders at Home Depot for $3 each and they hold 25 sets of stamps each. As you can see 2 are full and the other one is going to be started soon....(more Papertrey on the way - YAY!!)

Some of my wood mounted stamps I have stored in those green cloth cubes on the top shelf. They hold quite a few stamps. The rest are in another room up on the wall balanced on some shelving the hubby put up for me....isn't he sweet??!

I probably won't be stamping {*ugh} this week, because I am having hubby's family on Christmas day, going to a Christmas tomorrow and also on many Christmas's.

Honestly, it is wonderful to have family that loves to get together, but somewhere, in the back of my head, a little voice is saying " you are about to crack up" I may have to pace myself... LOL!

My salvation, today was from my daughter who volunteered to have Christmas breakfast at her and her hubby's house.

We have always had a Christmas tradition of breakfast at our house for a few years now. An all out feast - scrambled eggs, bacon, muffins, fruit salad, mimosas (champagne and orange juice...... yum!!) and hubby and Marcie's hubby have always cooked and cleaned up the mess! What better gift can one have!!??

But this year, with us having the FULL family here, it was just too much for my little maybe that is pea-brain... phtthhtt.... so Marcie offered to have us over there!! Thank you Marcie and Jared!! Love you tons!!

When I was thinking of setting the table for Christmas,I stole an idea from my mom's the other put Ferrero Rocher chocolates in my huge red martini glass and set it on the table with other stuff with the lovely golden wrapped chocolates kind of tumbling onto my white no big deal right.


After emptying out those lovely golden wrapped chocolates, I looked at the container and said "HEY!! MY STICKLES COULD FIT IN THERE!!!"

And hubby said "where are you goin?? what in the hell are stickles?? (poor soul)

See!! They fit so nicely......So the most exciting part is.....that if I get more stickles - I mean when I get more stickles - I have to also buy another little container of Ferrero Roche Chocolates!

Sorry this is so long today......I'm thinking TOO MANY CHOCOLATES!!!


  1. Thanks for some wonderful storage ideas.

  2. Lucky's Daughter10:21

    No wonder I want to organize/clean everytime I come over to stamp!!! :)

  3. I know what you mean about seeing other pictures of stamping rooms that are so clean, but I always believed that people clean up and then take a picture! Nobody is that organized, right? Ha Ha. You are definitely not alone on the messy front! I did just clean up my area (and should take a picture while its clean!) But it won't stay that way. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  4. Anonymous15:28

    I wish I have my own room!

    I just want to drop in and wish you a very merry christmas and a happy new year. Hope to get to know you better through SBS2!

  5. Loved seeing your 'messy' workspace. I am guilty of cleaning mine before the photos :-)
    Have a Merry Christmas...I'm looking forward to the New Year with the SBS2!


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