23 Dec 2007

Gift Card CD Holder

I was in Golftown the other day and saw these funky gift card of course I had to buy some to see if I could alter them.

I have to say that I wandered around a bit - I was in a GOLF store after all!! LOL!! Anyone that knows me would wonder why I was thinking stamping when I was surrounded by all those delicious looking golf items!! YUM!

I wondered about buying the gift card tins for awhile because I am not one to alter things or to make anything too much, other than cards.

I really thought - would I really use them? Would I really try to alter them, or would they just sit in the closet? Then I thought (again), oh well, they might as well sit in there with the other stuff I am "going to use someday"......... LOL!!

I didn't know what to get my nieces as I don't see them very often and I really don't know their tastes. They are 10 and 12 and besides Hannah Montana, (is she a singer?) I know nothing that appeals to that age!

Gift certificates are an easy way out and are greeted with more enthusiasm than if I guessed at something!! that is the route I went this year.

I traced around the lid on DCWV paper, cut it out and glued it on. Then I took some sandpaper and sanded it down so the edges wouldn't catch on anything.

Ribbon was glued to the underside of the lid and wrapped around to the other underside (make sense?) and glued. I bought this ribbon at Costco last week - $22 - a whole box of it - 480 feet. There are 40 rolls of ribbon - all patterned - one side. That makes 12 feet of ribbon on each roll - no kidding. That works out to about 4 1/2 cents a foot. I snatched it up.

I cut out scalloped circles in the colors that I thought matched the DCWV paper, and glued them together.

Papertrey's Trajan Monogram stamps came in handy for this project and I stamped on her initial. Then I took one of the little "tidbit" (that is what I call them - but maybe I heard them called that somewhere) stamps from Take a Bough and stamped it around the scallops.

Now my acrylic block is a little dirty, so instead of cleaning it and then stamping around the scallops, I stamped it while trying to peer through the dirty block, tongue sideways, grimacing - not a good idea!! They came out a little wonky....but of course I was doing this while hubby was going out the door to the car for our Christmas today so I had to RUSH! I HATE THAT!!!!!

So I glued everything together, cut another piece of ribbon and tucked it under and tied a knot....then finished.

Pretty easy when all was said and done - easier if you weren't rushed. Much easier by shopping before-hand and making your creation waaaaaaaaayy before it is needed!!!

My dog is barking her head off at the ball she stuck under the buffet and can't get to. This is a routine. Every morning and every night she puts the ball under the buffet and barks at it to comes out. Every morning and every night, I gruntily (if you heard me doing this, you would agree - that's a word) get down on my hands and knees and stick my arm under the buffet and get that ball and put it up until she barks and barks to get it back.

Now who runs this house.



  1. cute! hope you have a merry christmas!

  2. These are so cute! Love the colors!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family from me and mine!

    Your sista, Becky!


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