3 Jun 2008


You know how on THIS POST, I was whining about not being organized?

Well, my wonderful daughter Marcie, came over yesterday AND today and helped me clean it up.

She is merciless, I tell ya......merciless......

Everything was being tossed....I cringed, I cried, I swore, I threatened all to no avail.......I mean --she would toss pieces of paper that could have been used under a brad or for a snowflake - where was her mind??

I keep everything and she keeps nothing......If I took it out of the garbage she would take it from me and lick it and throw it away gross is that??

Anyway, the end result is fabulous and I guess I can always find another scrap of paper out of the few that I have left.

Just needed a should to cry on. Thank you.


  1. Can you send her to my house? I would hate it, yet, end up loving her!! I can't believe she resorted to licking things to keep you from reclaiming them!

  2. Oh Bonnie. . .your daughter is brutal! LOL! But I think she has the right idea. I need someone like your daughter to set me straight. I have scrap pieces so small that it's ridiculous that I'm still keeping them. LOL! Maybe my room would be a lot less cluttered if my family gave me tough love.


  3. Anonymous11:54

    Oh too funny! I hoard all my bits too and boy I need your daughter to help me let go of some of this stuff! Sounds like she helped you out a lot! I'm sure you'll thank her for it later, after the shock of it wears off! :)

  4. You sound like my Mom!!! I do the same thing to her....minus the licking!I'm not organized but I like to through things away.

  5. I always wondered why it why it is called scrapbooking? Lets face it, we use beautiful fresh paper for layouts and carefully punched out frames for pictures, gorgeous embellies! However, the poor little old scraps never seem to come into play! At least not as often for the amount of space they take up! Way to go on letting go! Your DD rocks! Take care, Deb

  6. LOL-she'd lick it!!!! I get a little crazy with keeping the scraps never know when you might need just a tiny piece of THAT paper, right?!

  7. Congrats on getting organized. Could she come and visit me??? I have a sister who keeps nothing, but she can't even bear to come into my stamping room. It stresses her out too much to see all the mess!!

  8. You are too funny and your daughter sounds like me! (don't you just love us?!) hehe

  9. I feel your pain! I save everything. But I imagine that having the mess licked, LOL is a relief. That was TOO funny. I would save stuff that was licked even, hahaha--just kidding, I think....if it was Basic Grey now then... ;0)


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