28 Sep 2008

Featured Stamper.....thanks

Today's Featured Stamper is Terry - check out Terry's gallery!

I chose to case this card with three changes as per the challenge rules.

1. I changed the colours of my card
2. I changed the stamp set
3. I used sheer swiss dot ribbon

I used Prism cardstock on my card, which I am really starting to LUV! It is slightly textured on one side, but still so easy to stamp on!

The Kim Hughes set Silhouettes and Silhouettes II were used for my card. I have need a bazillion few 'thank you's" and these were very simple to create. Actually, the first one is never simple - to me - but after that it is good to go! (usually)

I added some May Arts ribbon that I got from the Paper Pickle - YAY!! my LSS that I Luv!!

Paper Pickle was at the London Scrapbook Expo yesterday and isn't it kind of strange how I drove 100 km to shop at their booth when I could have gone 30 km to the store!

The same thing with The Town Scrapper......bought stuff at the expo from Phebe and I could have just shopped there on Monday when I go to visit my mom!

Some people are sooooo weird that way---me!


  1. Beautiful Bonnie! Wonderful case, and your colours are so soft and soothing!

  2. I have always wanted to know what the deal was w/ the Prism CS. From this card, it looks just beautifuL! You did a great job on this card! I love the colors together.

  3. I have tried some of the Prism papers and the are pretty nefty! Yummy colors too! Love your card Bonnie! Take care, Deb

  4. Well I'm weird with ya....if I recall we were waving to each other from across the way! hahahahha! To keep loyal to Pickle, I ONLY bought things they don't sell! I snatched up a Whiff of Joy and a couple Whipper Snapper. Then I stood in that line (where you saw me) because they had this Provo Nursery line paper that I just HAD to have. And although I didn't buy anything from Pickle yesterday, I did eat two of Kell's cookies! LOL! Hey, it was lunchtime! And ya know what I'm doin' now...sipping on a glass of Ruby Tuesday that I bought at Grape Jam last weekend...I'll fess up...we bought an entire CASE!!

    Hope to see ya in my next class! (but not like you need it!)

  5. This is beautiful, Bonnie. The color combination is so pretty.

  6. This is a beautiful card as always.

    Hey and I tagged you.

  7. Beautifully simple. I just love it to pieces!

  8. Oh how stunning! I love the softness of this. That blue looks so romantic and the hit of brown is gorgeous with the green. So fresh! :O)


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