2 Oct 2008

Yes, another post......

If you don't do one other thing today, you must go to Allison's blog and see this is powerful and amazing.........


  1. You will probably delete this but I have to write it anyway. I check your blog three or 4 times a week in the few minutes I have between work and caring for a disabled husband, a Canadian by birth. My disappointment at your link to such a distorted and foul mouthed YouTube clip is more than disappointing. I shall not visit your site again and I will tell others the same. As a teacher and social worker by profession I am saddened to have such biased and distorted information in this otherwise delghtful forum.

  2. thank you thank you thank you!
    I don't understand the last comment left on this website. How was the video biased and distorted in any way?? I am a teacher as well and I think the message was POWERFUL and HELPFUL and targets the very group of people it needs to=our UNREGISTERED YOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you thank you thank you!
    off to forward this pwerful message on to all my friends and family~L


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