18 Nov 2008

Feel Better Soon......

A Feel Better Soon card in the Colour Challenge colours. Today's colours were Kraft, Basic Black and Real Red - a lovely combo if I do say so myself!

Kim Hughes stamp set Comforting Hugs was what I used today - such a cute "do all" set for feeling good - and from Emma's Paperie, my Jenni Bowlin papers that are so cute!! - this set of papers comes already in 4 x 4 so you just have to plunk it on your paper!

I stamped the broken heart in Brilliance Black and then coloured it with a lipstick red copic.

My plan was to add my chili pepper red fun flock, and, if you are like me, you don't want to leave your flocking abilities to chance and expect it to be even. So if you colour it first and then add the flock - it still looks uniformly red!! - kapeesh??!!

And really, nothing says "feel better soon" like flock!! I think my grandma told me that one time....

And check out that cuddly ribbon! I got that in a ribbon share with
Jody Morrow - such a perfect fuzzy wuzzy ribbon - guaranteed to make you feel better! Don't you think?!!

I used my new - FINALLY got them!! - label dies from Spellbinders, which were on pre-order like forevah!! - I mean really, these were advertised back in JULY.........'nuff said. Perhaps I am meant to really appreciate them now.......ooops.....'nuff said......and I do!..........oops.

Look what greeted us this morning!! Isn't it pretty??!! That is the barn waaaaaaaaaaaayy in the background where the I go and gather the eggs. trudge. trudge. trudge. sliiiip....... trudge. trudge.


  1. EWWWWW what is all that WHITE STUFF?!?!?!?! LOL... I'm glad you think it's pretty. If I was closer to you I'd feel your head to make sure you weren't burning up with fever ha ha ha jk. I don't like snow, but that picture is beautiful. Your card is TOO cute!!!! Love the little pom poms :)

  2. First, that is A LOT of snow! Be safe. We don't want a cracked "Eggette".

    Second, I am so with you on Spellbinders. Love their products but am tired of waiting for delivery dates that keep moving.

    Third, fabulous card! (as always!)

  3. Wow! Lotta snow! I LOVE the snow! Okay, maybe not shoveling it...or having to drive to work in it...but it's just gorgeous and fun!

    Now, that fuzzy ribbon and flocked heart are also gorgeous and fun! Love this color combo!

  4. Wonderful color challenge card Bonnie! My goodness! Just look at all of that snow stuff! I haven't seen it palm trees before! LOL! Deb

  5. This is a stunning DP and ribbon fest. I love the flock! SO cozy and yes, totally getwellish. Hope there's no fallin in that snow between trudgin & slippin. Those eggs look far away! Perty though. :O)

  6. Goegous Bonnie! I love Kim Hughes!

  7. So very cute! :-)

  8. Wow! That's a lot of snow! It's pretty though! Love your card!! Great tip about coloring before flocking. I'll have to remember that! Looks great!


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