20 Dec 2008

Glittery Ornaments.....

I was pressured to change my title.......probably for the best!

Sorry, I couldn't help but laugh.....I'm like that sometimes........
too much sleep maybe......

I have wanted to decorate my own Christmas balls for some times -
well every since I saw this post on Prairie Paper and Ink!

It is such an easy thing to do......
although the first two balls I had to do over because they sucked........
I had too much liquid in them and the glitter was clumpy and yucky and hardly pretty at all.
Of course it had to be semi pretty because it had glitter in it.........

Without further ado, here are the balls - and tons of pictures!!

It starts like this...........some drops of chocolate chip reinker and water in the ball .......swirl it around from bottom to top.........then drain it upside down onto a paper towel for a second or two - you don't want it to dry out!!

sprinkle a ton of Martha Stewart florentine gold glitter in the ball and swirl again from bottom to top.........and basically that is it!!

This one had a bit too much wetness in it still - you can tell the glitter is a little clumpy!

The red ball is Rose Red reinker and Barbara Trombley's art glitter - true red

The blue ball is Ballet Blue reinker and Martha Stuart white gold glitter and the light green on the right in Sage Shadow reinker with Martha Stewart White Gold glitter.

I like Martha Stewart's glitter because it is so fine,
but I am sure there are a ton of fine glitters out there......just fine.........


  1. Beautiful work and a great tutorial! Thanks!

  2. So pretty, Bonnie! (And I think the "other title" would have been perfect! lol...I probably wouldn't have had the ...nerve (lol) use that title either though. lol)

  3. Wow - these are great! I've seen that technique but never tried it - I may have to get some ornaments out now!

  4. I have never made these but have friends who have. It's amazing to see the end results. I am not brave enough to try them yet but maybe by this coming Christmas. LOL Yours are just gorgeous! I love the colors!!


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