16 Mar 2009


Little Paper Shop's second release this month, Blessings, is another beautiful stamp set that can be used on your cards to signify Easter, Baptism, Confirmation or even Sympathy.

Even though I don't usually use the colour purple I had a rememberance that it had a significance with religion, so I did some "Googling" and this is what I found for the colours purple and silver.

Just keep an open mind since it is off the internet and who knows what is real and what is not! - yes, sometimes I AM a doubting Thomas.
  • In Egypt, purple signifies virtue.
  • Purple is a sacred color in Tibet.
  • The Japanese see purple as a representation of wealth and prominence.
  • Trust, faith and patience are signified with purple in the Ukraine.
  • Ancient Romans used purple to signify royalty.
  • In the church, Silver represents Gods redemption or His work.

So that being said, it would have been nice to have this stamp set when my mom became a minister. I could have made her up some pretty spectacular cards...... lol!

I stamped the cross in Plum Pudding Ink onto the vellum and then stamped the scrolly cross over top with Versamark.

I heat embossed the scrolly cross with silver embossing powder leaving a beautifully detailed and embossed cross, then
I cut it out and popped it up onto an already stamped cross and sentiment, mounted it onto the rest of my card and finished it up with that gorgeous ribbon!

Hope you like it and thanks for coming around!!


  1. Are you reading my mind? ;o) I was just talking with Charles today about the most significant religious colours. He said green (rebirth) & I said purple. TOO neat. LOVE the stunning embossing & how the stamping of the purple looks on the cross. Gorgeous! :O)

  2. WOW Bonnie, love what you did with that cross!! Absolutely beautiful!

  3. Bonnie, this is beautiful! I do love purple this time of year -- thanks for all the great reasons why!

  4. This is SO gorgeous, Bonnie!! I LOVE the purple and how you embossed the cross. IT's stunning!

  5. Stunning, gorgeous, elegant. Love it!

    Word verification: heamino

    "hea mi no harm..he just don't know better". Just say it with an accent, it works, trust me. Ugh.

  6. Linda Bandow12:59

    Bonnie: This is really beautiful and if I get a chance I will case it and put your name on as originator.

  7. Wow, this is one gorgeous card!!! Very elegant!

  8. This is beautiful!

  9. Really beautiful Bonnie and thanks for the color explanations.

  10. Stunning card Bonnie! The cross looks spectacular!!!

  11. Gorge! Love the silver embossing with the purple!

  12. Oh My Gosh Bonnie,

    This card is gorgeous in so so many different ways!!!

    It is stunning at first site, but I love the details and that embossing really makes it totally wonderful and the DSP and CS's you used are so so pretty!!!

    One of my favorites I truly love it!!!!!


  13. Whoa Nelly!! This is a show stopper Bonnie! I love the simplicity yet the purple creates a very powerful looking card! It's just gorgeous!

  14. OMGoodness this is absolutely beautiful!!!! I am so in love with this set! I didn't think I could want it any more than I already did but you have made me! Wow! This is so stunning with the beautful purples and the stunning silver over the top! Wow! The papers are mazing and I love the layout! Gorgeous!!! And how interesting about the significance of purple all over the world. Thanks for includeing those tid bits!



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