1 Oct 2007

SIYJ Challenge - YIKES!!

Well, last night was the Paper Pretties SIYJ. It was my very FIRST one and we had to make one card per hour based on the challenge...that is three cards in three hours!!

I thought I could do it but MAN! it was a real challenge for me because I have to go over and over my cards (yes, I am anal that way) and it usually takes me at least a day to make one card unless I am on a real roll!

We could only use the stamps that we had received in previous card boxes. Of course I am a newbie and only have Pompomabella (right now) so I figured that {gasp!} I may be a little ill of Pompomabella by the end of the night!!

Anyway, Challenge #1 had me stumped right from the get-go!! It was a colour challenge and the only colours you could use were Aqua, White and Craft.

I thought to myself "Great....what colour is craft?"

I quickly e-mailed that question and you have to wait because everything is moderated, of course, so I asked hubby (hey, I was desperate) and he said "Probably like a paper bag, because back when I was was a little guy working as a grocery boy in Bolton's General Store....blah, blah, blah"........

I heard paper bag and thought-- of course!! I rudely tuned him out (sorry honey) and went to work on the challenge. By this time it was about 6:15 pm and I only had 45 minutes left! Then I wondered if Pompomabella had to be only be aqua, white and craft also, but that would be too weird, so I coloured her as much as possible using my Tombows and following the rules.

By this time I was sweating up a storm and drawing blanks as to what to do. I was in as uch a hurry that I burnt her little pompom when I was embossing it!! You can see it under the left pompom...but this is the final result and she is not too bad, but next time I would put the flowers on top of the ribbon or down in the corner and stamp a sentiment on the side(and not burn her).
But not too bad considering ......Of course, then you have to take a picture, upload it onto your computer, and then onto the website and wait for the next challenge!! We are not high-speed here so it took FOREVER and so it was a bit late......but onto the next challenge!!

This one almost made me give up.

Challenge #2 was a technique challenge and we had to use marbles and reinkers. If you didn't have that you could do a "splatter card".

I'm thinking "what the heck are reinkers and how do you use marbles?!!!?" Then I thought, WHAT IS A SPLATTERCARD!!?? I really thought I was getting to know how to do things but there is sooooo much to learn!!

She left a tutorial so I looked it up and it is the coolest thing!!

You get your paper, 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" or whatever size fits in a see through box (check out the tutorial) and put marbles and paint in the box and shake it all around!! Just like elementary school crafts!!

It sounded so fun but since I don't have marbles (one girl used gumballs!!- genius!! HAHAHA!!) I didn't really know how to do a splatter card, so I just used my alcohol ink sprays and did a back ground that way. A little cheating but I did tell them, and it didn't turn out so bad! I added ribbon stuff and a Cuttlebug embossing superstar embellishment and it was done. WHEW!! Again, take picture and upload with dial-up (torture).

The final challenge was one I could do!! A sketch challenge and you could use any colour as long as you stayed within the sketch. Another Pompomabella to colour with the Tombows and this sketch included making a photo corner or you could use a punch. I don't have a photo corner punch (note to self) so I made a photo corner. Nothing to it- right? Only took me three tries to make one. I didn't think it would be that hard --but it was to me. So then I gave in and looked up the tutorial on that one too. The tutorial was so easy --I finally got it right and adhered it to my card. I think next time I would have Cuttlebugged the background with some sort of embossing, because it is kind of plain. Of course, I was done this one at 8:45 --pm lots of time to take a picture and upload it to the site. But ohhhhh no!! My computer slowed down to a crawl so I had to reboot, and try to upload again. It was so slow it took 25 minutes to upload. I was late with that one too but it WAS fun and I will most likely attempt it again.

Well, here you have it, three cards in three hours (more or less) with a bit of stress and lots of fun and I learned a lot in three hours!!


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