28 Jan 2008

Cuttlebugged again....

You know I LOVE my Cuttlebug!!

So I was blurfing, last night and came across Sharon Johnson's blog, No Time To Stamp and found some of her wonderful cards made with the Cuttlebug and very little stamping!

That is what her blog is all about........if you don't have a lot of time, these beautiful cards can be made in almost no time at all!!

My card was inspired by Sharon's card here. I don't have a scripted background stamp like hers, so I left it out, which justa gives a little different look (maybe not as nice, but still A-Okay!)

I used the small Cuttlebug folder, which is 2" x 2" and embossed on one side and then the other. I added a black brad in the middle to match the sentiment and the ribbon.

I stamped the sentiment in black ink and embossed it with clear embossing powder.
The stamp set is called Scripted Greetings and is from Stampington & Company.

Then I added the Prima Ribbon and done!!
Sharon is RIGHT!! Very easy and quick!! Check out her site - I was in awe!!

Jake is gone home with his mom and dad now.......I cried and Ron didn't tease me or anything......

At breakfast yesterday, (our last meal with him) Jake was standing up in his high chair and I told him to sit down, twice. And he didn't. So then hubby pointed his finger at him and said in a stern voice, "SIT DOWN!"

Well, Jake sat down and then the corners of his mouth turned down and then they quivered and then he started to cry. Well, I thought hubby was going to cry right along with him. Jake was covered in peanut butter and jam toast and hubby scooped him right up out of that high chair and hugged him and kissed him and said how sorry he was!! He had tears in his eyes and so did I! Oh, I LOVE being a Grandma!!!

Aren't we a couple of spoilers!!! LOL!

Then his mom and dad came in and took him home!! Boo hoo!!!!!

Aw well, I should tell you that they live right behind us and I can walk over any time I want to! LOL!!

So I think I will, go to that right now!!


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  1. I love my bug too and you did such a nice job on this card. Doesn't the bug make a regular white paper pop? I love the piggy card too. You're so talented!!


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