3 Feb 2008

Bats in my Belfry or is Love Still in the Air.......

This may very well be my last post EVER!!

I was watching television last night with hubby, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye, FLYING around in my kitchen!!!

I looked over and it was a FREAKIN' BAT!! I hollered at hubby that there was a bat in the kitchen and he, who was laying on the couch, whipped around and looked and said, "AGGHHGH! I HATE BATS!!!!" and then dove under the afghan...........hmm.......

This took me back to the last time we had a bat in our house.

It was our beautiful old farmhouse, and I was up in the night to go to the bathroom. When I opened the door to come out, I saw a bat and quickly retreated into the bathroom and slammed the door shut! I hollered at hubby that we had a BAT!! He said, "stay in the bathroom"!!!

So I stayed and stayed and stayed.....finally, I cracked open the door to see what was going on and I saw that there was an blanket scurrying across the floor towards me! Hubby says "let me in", in this tiny squeaky voice! I said NO, I wasn't opening the door again until that bat was gone!! So then he HAD to get a broom and kill the bat. And then we hear later, that bats are an endangered species and it is against the law to kill them!! Give me a break.......

But I mean REALLY, aren't husbands supposed to DO this sort of thing!!!

I must have jinxed myself because Kim Hughes on her blog Paper Cuts was just talking about how she hates to walk in the dark and I responded saying - me too, because we have BATS! ugh!!

Anyway, I haven't seen it today, but I am still walking around with my eyes darting around every corner, hoping I don't see any bats!! I am terrified to go downstairs incase it is in my stamping room......even thought I know that it probably 99% is not in there. 1%.......

Oh well, back to the card.
This is the same paper as the Papertrey Ink card was on. It is such a funny colour on the blog but not so much in person. It is a kraft colour and it does look very pretty paired with the chocolate and pink cardstock.

I stamped and clear embossed my Pink Cat Studio background hearts stamp on the bottom of the card and added the cardstock.

I put a hole through the card and tied the ribbon from Costco around it.

I used my Verve Visual Heart set again, only this time I stamped both the big hearts, one inside the other. I embossed it and popped it up on the card.

I thought it looked kind of plain so I added a tag cut from my Cuttlebug little tags set and stamped the sentiment with Verve Visual stamp 'I Love You", popped up a prime flower with a Stamping Bella pearl bauble on it. For the finishing touch, I added a heart designer pin from Fancy Pants
and done!!

Well, the Super Bowl is on and even though I know nothing about Football, I am going in to watch with hubby, because I don't want to be alone when the bat strikes again! (although a lot of good he is....!!)



  1. OMG. I would have Freaked out if I saw that bat in my house. I don't blame you. Hope you don't have to deal with that ever again!

    Love your card, Can't believe v-day is just around the corner!

  2. Thank you for the great laugh! I have the same kind of story, except it was middle of the night and I was seven months pregnant. My husband dove under the covers and I got up and grabbed the badminton thing. Some men are just big girls. I'm convinced of it.

    Your card is beautiful! I love the embossed hearts. So neat!

  3. Love you card and I hear you about the bats; I've had two fly at me inside of the house before. Freaks you out! Watch out for that bat, but keep posting though k? :0) Mel

  4. I cannot stop laughing! I am visualizing your husband on the floor covered by a blanket crawling towards the bathroom!!!ROTFL!!! They don't bother me...but then again I've never had one in the house. Hope he gets out safely! You too! TFS!!!

  5. Oh, your card is beautiful too...sorry I got sidetracked by the bat...still laughing!

  6. Ewwwww! I would have had my bags packed and gone to a hotel. I HATE bats! Don't know why, but I just do!
    Your story about your DH is too funny!
    I love the color combo on this card! It's beautiful!


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