12 Mar 2008

Seven Random (Weird) Facts about me!

I have been tagged by Danielle from Wild Dragonfly Designs! Check out her blog - absolutely wonderful creations!!

I never used to like doing these tags but they are kind of fun to discover things about each other!

Okay here it goes;

1. I am so deathly afraid of spiders. I almost pee myself. I usually grab a shoe and slam it down on the spider, all the while shrieking loudly, and then leave it there until hubby comes home and deals with it....

2. I only have nine toenails.....gross - I know....but I did NOT have a fungus or anything, it just died because .....

3. I broke my leg in the barn 3 years ago when 6 sheets of 4' x 8'- 1" thick plywood fell on the back of my leg. ( I am giving you the measurements so that you will know how heavy it was and feel sorry for me....) I was the only one in the barn, so I had to crawl out from under the plywood to the phone that was up on the wall. The broom was right there so I hit the phone with the broom handle and it fell right next to me (thank goodness-no further crawl/dragging)

4. Since I was 11, I have had 10 dogs in my life. Tippy the Beagle, Heinzy Sam, Spitz the Samoyd (sp?), Randy-the most beautifulest black lab, Scorch- he was a bad dog, Stan the biter- he never bit us, Winnie the Poodle, Queenie our border collie and of course Rosie-osie-osie!! I forget the name of our very first black lab (in between Spitz and Randy). We only had him about 10 minutes when he got hit by the neighbour (she drives very fast).

5. I can absolutely, not even wait for spring to come so that I can go golfing!!! I LOVE to golf!!!

6. I am going to be 50 years old this year and I am sooooo happy about that!! Some people don't get the opportunity to be 50! - so think about THAT! LOL!

7. I am going to let my hair go gray starting from the last time it was coloured.....I don't care! The older I get, the more worried I am about putting chemicals in/on/under my body - wine doesn't count either......

Well, that is another tag done and it really wasn't so bad! Sometimes I have to reallllllly think hard......

Okay I am tagging Marcie, Becky, Savitri and Alex


  1. LOL! Too funny you are! I love reading these...this was a fun tag!

    ps-I do feel bad about the broken leg though, but I laughed anyway. Sorry.

  2. That's a real good attitude about turning 50. You're right. . .it's a good thing to turn 50. . .I never thought of it that way!

    I'm sorry to hear that you hurt yourself. . .it's a good thing the ply wood didn't land on your head.

    Thanks for sharing!



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