30 Jul 2008

Embossed Sympathy.......

It's been a long time since I had my brass stencils out and I needed another sympathy card - WHY don't I have these kind of cards handy???!!!

I needed it quick like-"the mail lady is coming around the corner!!" quick!!!

So I grabbed a sheet of Vintage Cream cardstock from Papertrey Ink, cut it in half to 8 1/2" x 5 1/2", and then scored it in the center at 4 1/4".

I used my long rectangle nestabilities to make the embossed rectangle with my Cuttlebug.

Then I took my old-fashioned embossing light thingy - I forget what the actual name of it is - and my brass stencil and embossed away using my stylus. If anyone knows the name - please let me know!

I added a titch of ribbon, stamped the sentiment inside and sent it away! Oh yes, I did sign it too.

This is not the best picture, but I had to take it fast!!

But honestly, it took me about 15 minutes to make.....the longest part was finding figuring the stencil to use!!

Well, UNBELIEVABLE---- I see I have surpassed the 25,000 hits mark!! UNBELIEVABLE! did I say that already......?

I am going to be offering up blog candy so I have to go and figure out what I am going to give away!!

I have sooooo much stuff and I don't know why - maybe it's because I am so unorganized forgetful generous to a fault! - but that is for your benefit- so I promise when I sort out some "schtuff" I will do the candy .

Thank you so much everyone for all your wonderful comments and continued support!


  1. beautiful card, Bonnie...simply elegant!

    Congrats on your blogging miletone....WAY TO GO!!!!

  2. Sandy O17:37

    How simple and elegant. What a great idea for such a difficult card to make.

  3. Sandy O17:40

    opps, forgot to add...the old fashioned light thingy is a light table or light box {{{wink}}} It is hard to remember all those months ago before the cuttlebugs and cricuts, LOL!

  4. Congrats on your 25,000 hits,Wowzer!
    Your card is so pretty Bonnie,it sure is the kind of card that we don't have on hand,you are so right.

  5. Beautiful sympathy card, simple and elegant.

  6. Fabulous!!!! I love simple cards!! Congrats on the hits.

  7. This card would have been pefect for my white on white blog appreciation challenge awhile back! Just lovely Bonnie! Deb

  8. Very pretty card - simple and elegant. Congratulation on your blog milestone! Oh, I think it's called a light box....

  9. Guess several have given you the name, light box or light table. This card is stunning. It is storming here and this is a great way for me to go and spend the afternoon thanks for the inspiration! Wishing you an excellent day!

  10. This card is beautiful. I needed to make a sympathy card today....first one ever and I thank you for your inspiration. :-)


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