2 Feb 2008

Thanks Tweet!!

Here is the newest release from Pink Cat Studio! TWEET!!

Isn't she so cute!! There are a lot of Tweet's and sentiments on the sheet of rubbah that you get......and such an easy image to colour! She's pur-DEE!

Besides the fact that I have new stamps to use, and I was dying to do these......I have an ulterior motive for doing a bird card.

My dog Rosie, HATES birds! She stalks them, at the window, in the house, out of the house.

She chases them and they taunt her, and because she wears a jingly, jangly collar - they know when she is coming near and fly away - only to swoop down at her - just to torture!!

So then, WHY, you ask, are you making a bird card. Well.......I will tell you.

SOMEBODY peed on my carpet in my stamp room sometime between last night and this morning.

I went down to stamp this morning and there, right where I stand, was a puddle, in the carpet!!! UGH!!

So that is why I am making a bird card......

I used Basic Grey Lily Kate paper, bling from Verve Visual, my daughter's copics (because I was watching Jake this afternoon, yay! and the copics were right the lucsious ribbon that I bought from Cosco, my nestabilities and, the Pink Cat Studio stamp set Tweet!!

Off to let my dog OUTSIDE! to pee!



  1. mj albright19:53

    great card. thanks for sharing.

  2. You are too funny! I know how you feel. My dog Shrek likes to leave 'presents' for me when he is upset with me. LOL. But, this is such a cute card. I love that image. Great job!

  3. Too funny! Love the card.

  4. Love the card but the story with it is priceless!!

    Lori SBS2

  5. I just LOVE this card!

  6. Heehee take THAT Rosie! too funny. :0) Love love love this. Your colouring is gorgeous, that bird is SO cute, and I can never get enough of that basic grey paper. :0) Mel

  7. Love this card! That bird is adorable! Are you gonna prop it up so Rosie has to look at it all day?

  8. Awesome card and funny story. My dog piss on my couch this morning. He's still a pup but still... he should know better, right? TFS!

  9. You'r so funny, Bonnie! That'll teach that dog to pee on your carpet. LOL!
    I love the card! That little birdie is just too cute!


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