5 Oct 2007

Happy 75th!!

Well, technically not the 75th, but we are invited to a double birthday party tomorrow night(whew!) One is for our friend Joe, who is turning 50 and the same party, the same day and the same place is celebrating their son's 25th birthday.

Both are a surprise, although I don't know how she is going to pull that off!!

That is always the hardest part--keeping a surprise!!

Bar-b-queing a pig, everyone brings salads and drinks and cards and it is all fun!

More or less an excuse for a party I suppose. Can you tell I am not really into this one??! I don't know why! I LOVE everyone who is going to be there!

Okay, truth be known...I am STRESSED TO THE GILLS!! I have 8 people coming for supper, my dog Rosie (a schnauzer with a tender stomach) just got into the garbage in the garage, because my hubby left the door open on his way to the liquor store. She dragged out a chicken carcass and ate away at it until my daughter, H, saw her and wrestled it away.

Now, Rosie will probably throw it all up around supper time when my company is here.

Leave her outside you say? Well, if I do that she will bark away until the neighbours call to make sure everything is okay over here because that is what my neighbours do when my dog barks!!! Just looking out for us hubby says and I just want to say "Well, you will just have to put up with it because I don't want her puking all over my clean kitchen floor!!!"

My son has to work evenings, so now he is in the kitchen making his supper to go and which I will have to clean that up after he leaves because that is what I do!!

Thank you for letting me vent--stress over.

So --I made a crisscross card for these two birthday boys. When I saw the tutorial over on Split Coast Stampers awhile ago, I thought "no way". But then I read it (yes I am a "see first, decide never, and then think - well maybe" kind of person!) and it didn't seem too bad. And actually, it was very simple. Just a bit of preparation as in cutting and it really is a great way to use up scrap paper!

I used double sided Cosmo Cricket paper because it doesn't scream girly, and rust, gold and beige cardstock. ~ I embossed the band that wraps around the card with the Happy Birthday Cuttlebug folder, punched out a circle with my Marvy punch and popped out a little gift which is a Cuttlebug die! It really was easy and the next time will go even faster, since I won't have to keep uploading the tutorial all the time!!

Well, the spagetti sauce is in the crockpot, I STILL have to shower after gathering eggs this morning, make a salad, set the table and clean the bathroom. I had to wait for hot water because the dishwasher was running, my son had his five hour long shower and now the washing maching is running. LUCKY ME!!

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