30 Sep 2007

Hitchedafellabella and SIYJ

My hairdresser got married yesterday so in her honour, I made a card!.

Hitchedafellabella is so cute in her beautiful dress with the man of her dreams!! And Fella!! Well.....he is just too handsome!!

I stamped them in black ink on white cardstock, then coloured her in with my luvely little Tombow Markers. She is so chic with her beautiful sky blue wedding dress which matches his bowtie! She is carrying lilac and pink roses with my pink souffle pen used on the pink flowers!? These pens don't really pop up- literally- like I thought they would, but the colour is gorgeous and very bright!

I used superfine glitter on her veil - but it is hard to tell with the picture -and white diamond Stickle on the bottom of her dress and her necklace.

I used my brand new ticket punch (yay!) on the corner of the image and on the back ground and then backed them on pink cardstock with metallic brads to anchor it down. The whole thing is mounted on DCWV Pocket Full of Posies glitter paper-this is BEAUTIFUL paper and very heavy making it perfect for card usage!!

I found a scrap of "specialty paper" (I call it) in my scrap drawer (which my daughter M helped me organize - thank you) so I glued it in between the background and image. It is such a gorgeous papaer, as you can see, and almost an opalescent sheen to it. It matched perfectly so I snatched it up!

I took the same beautiful opal paper and embossed the wedding bells from my Cuttlebug embossing folder on it and punched it out with my new circle punch - that I got at the Sarnia Scrapbook Show and Sale I was at last week end (not the Scrapbook show in London this weekend!!)

I put the links in for you and although it is too late to go to these shows this year, natch, you can look it up for next year. They were both excellent shows and I highly recommend them. The fact that those are the only two shows I have been to should not influence your decision to attend, at all!!! :P

I bought some pink hollyhock ribbon (oh my goodness it is a gorgeous colour) from the Close to my Heart booth this weekend and it matched perfectly, so I tied it around Hitchafellabella and VOILA! card done and kind of elegant at that!

I have to tell you about the cutest stamp I bought this weekend at the Stamp Show from a booth called Class Act Stamps. It says"If you think I'm cheap 'cause I made this card, You've never bought a rubber stamp" How true is that??!! I don't know where I will use it, but I HAD to have it!! Maybe on the back of a card.....

Well I am going in my very first SIYJ challenge today with my Paper Pretties group - well not mine specifically - I am very nervous about it..... :o

The idea is to do one card per hour for three hours!!! Really!!

I mean, I am so anal, that I take hours-- sometimes DAYS to finish ONE card.....well, only because it has to be perfect so I have to change the ribbon and then redo the colours and then buy matching paper because 7,540 sheets of patterned paper in my stockpile are not enought to choose from, and retie the ribbon and call my daughter M and see if she has brads to match and on and on and AGHGHHH! I drive myself crazy just talking about it!

Oh well, I will just suck it up and try it may be my last HAHAHA!!

Went to a Perch and Chicken finger dinner last night with hubby. When I got home from the scrapbook show I was beat, so he said he would take me out and surprise!! I love perch and I definitely LOVE chicken fingers (I didn't tell him that we had a late lunch at Kelsey's and I had chicken fingers there too!) and this meal was fantastic!! All the perch and chicken fingers you could eat, buns, homemade french fries, coleslaw, tons of veggy trays. It was delicious!!

Thank goodness, there was no dessert...I was ready to blow up as it was!!

Scrapbook Sale and supper out.......LUCKY ME!!

29 Sep 2007

Scrapbook Expo!!

Holy cow!! Just came back from a Scrapbook Expo in London, Ontario and man......Got so much STUFF !! I LOVE those things.

My daughter M and I went to one last weekend in Sarnia, Ontario and they were both so great!! :D
So now I will be busy making more cards. Anyway this was just a note to let you know where I have been.

New cards coming soon!

28 Sep 2007


Yes, I have gone pink for October and I will tell you why.

A few years ago, my mom had a breast removed because she had breast cancer.

Naturally, that was a hard time for all of us but my mom being who she is had the surgery and came home the next day! I went over to help her and she met me at the door and asked me in for a cup of tea. I was dumbfounded!

I said "Mom....for heaven's sake, go lay down and let me do something for you!"

She said " Bonnie, come in and have a cup of tea with me. I am not laying down!"

So I did. That was what she needed to do that day. She was strong and still is the strongest woman I know and I thank God everyday that I have her in my life.

Please check out some of the links on the right side of my page regarding Breast Cancer Awareness.

Busy! Busy!! Busy!!!

Oh my goodness, this has been the day from H-E-double hockey sticks! Just so freakin' busy...

First thing this morning, I am just about ready to go out to the barn to gather eggs, and my daughter called me up and asked if I could look after her little guy while she put out her garbage. We are in the country you see, and the laneways are loooooonnnnnnnnngggg. Her hubby is travelling so it was just easier. So, sure, I go over. Well, didn't we get talking about stamping and cardmaking......and cruises....

Then I had to race back to the barn to gather the eggs.....get that done and then I remembered that I had to make and ice, 3 dozen white cupcakes for a ball banquet tonight. Okay, so of course I only have 3 chocolate mixes (from scratch? what does THAT mean?) So I called up my daughter and she had one (whew) and she brought it over. But it wasn't white (I was sure I asked about white) it was rainbow chip. Well too bad, the little guys will have to get revved up on rainbows tonight. I'm feeling this bad about it {showing 1/4"}

I can't help serve anyway because I am going to an art show tonight. My sister's boyfriend is showing his art between 6 and 7 pm. He really is a fantastic artist. If I find his website, I will post it.....but NOT NOW....

So it is now 3:07 pm and my daughter just left with her little guy, I have the cupcakes made but not iced, I really want to post this blog today ( because I love my card!) and I have to figure out what to wear to an art preview. I would say blue jeans and a Tee, and my mom and sister would not even care, however......AND in between all this I am trying to watch The President's Cup on television (GOLF YAY!).

Oh my gosh, I also got a package from UPS today ...I LOVE the brown truck!!

My Stampin' Up order came! No, I am not a demonstrator or anything, but I missed a chance to go to a card party so I grabbed a catalogue from a friend and e-mailed my order. I got word window punch, woohoo!, my ticket corner punch, yippee!! and a slot punch YAY! and a package of paper which is gorgeous!! This is my first time (sadly, yes) ordering from Stampin' Up, but definitely not my last!

So, I HAD to make time to ooooo and ahhhh over my package --you understand.

Well, down to business and my card.

I made this one for the Paper Pretties Card Challenge. It was to use something from your office on your card. I was thinking, sure, I can use paper clips, or staples, but then I had a brainwave (which does not happen very often with this old brain!)I found some old(er) postage stamps (yes, they were old ones honey...) and stuck them on some cardstock. Then I stamped my Pompomabella on the stamps in black ink and cut out her teeny tiny outfit and glued it onto another Pompomabella stamped image. Stamping Bella has teeny tiny scissors on her site, I need to look into those! I tombowed her hair, and did her pom poms in Stickles. Then outlined the pompoms, her shoes and the "hip, hip hooray" in gelly roll pens. Gotta luv 'em!! I mounted her on brown cardstock and doodled around the edges.
The background is mocha cardstock, and I textured it with Sizzix templates - they are similar to Cuttlebug, but just different textures and you use the Sizzix, or Big Shot machine(which is what I have). Then I took my pink inkpad and rubbed it lightly over the texture, turned out kind of pretty I thought!

The award was cut out with those crazy scrapbook scissors that everyone started out with, stamped with Technique Tuesday's "hip, hip, hooray" stamp from the Small Talk set, American elements ribbon was stapled on and then I popped it up on the card.
Heidi Swapp photo corner, paper clip and three pink brads finish it off!!

Well, it is 3:40 pm and I still have to ice the cupcakes, shower, get ready for the art show and then get there, all before 5:00 pm!
You know what?--I am soooo fortunate to be able to do all these things, maybe not so well sometimes, haha, but healthy and happy and ohhhhh so LUCKY!! (and thinking about that cruise.....)

27 Sep 2007

A Stamping Cruise!!


Yes Virginia, there is such a thing as a Stamping Cruise! Check out the website and find out all about it. It sounds super amazing. I would love to go. Maybe I should just book it and then be soooo nice to hubby for a whole year. Hmmmmmm....might be worth it!

Emily Bella, the Stamping Bella herself!! ( I said Emma before and when I checked (what's that??!) which I should have done BEFORE, I see it is Emily - my apologies) Gina K from Gina K Designs and Nicole Heady from Papertrey, Ink are going to be there!!! I mean, maybe they are even hosting it. I am sooo excited -I just read it and thought to myself--blog it!! blog it!!-tell everyone!! Now I need to find out the particulars ......hee hee.....I will post more about it when I go back and read it! I mean you KNOW how I love the Bellas!!

26 Sep 2007

Penguins and Feelabella!!

Just trying to get into the Christmas mood with my penguin stamp!!

I really love this penguin rubber stamp and never used it last year and (gasp!) even tried to sell it but thank goodness it didn't sell (imagine THAT!) I waffled back and forth as to whether this card would turn out or not and now I DO like it!! I really DO!!

I stamped the penguin stamp from Art Impressions in black ink on white cardstock, then coloured it in with my tombow markers.

The poor little guys looked a little bland so I broke open a Making Memories special effects kit with glaze, pearl, and glitter!! I LoVE glitter! I pearlized their hats and then used the glitter on the black part of the penguin and the scarves and sled.

Then I just chalked all around them in sky blue which makes the penguins look like they have more depth - and I truly believe penguins need depth. HAHA!! Then I mounted them on red, turquoise and sunflower cardstock.

For the card part I stamped my snowflake background stamp from "The Artful Stamper" in versamark and embossed it with my Ranger Puffs. I really didn't like the way that turned out -it kind of turned out an off-white and I probably wouldn't use the puffs again because it is really gritty -maybe I didn't do it correctly. So I tried painting over the whole card with the specialty glaze from Making Memories and it left a mess that would not dry and it really wrinkled up the paper so I left it under a pile of scrapbooking magazines for 2 days and THEN it dried and worked out all right -whew...

I glued the penguins on the card and they wouldn't stick - maybe because of the glaze so I had to use adhesive strips and even they are a bit dicey it does look a little loppy!....I am wondering about superglue! I really think the glaze is not glue-upon-able (new word)
I tied some American elements ribbon on and some Rob and Bob snaps to finish it off!! The snaps actually are gold and red and DO match the
ribbon colour although in the picture it doesn't look like it.
The second card is the Feelabella that I gave my mother. She forgives all the little stuff when I am in a hurry. Sometimes I try to throw together a card at the last minute, and thank goodness it was for my mom because she thought it was BEAUTIFUL!!

Anyway, I stamped her in black ink on white paper and coloured her with the tombows. Since mom had her cataracts removed, I made the card very bright with oranges and blues. She said "I'm not going blind ya know !!" Ha Ha!!

Well I covered the flowers on the bedspread in acrylic just for a different thing to do (I kind of experiment on mom's cards too!!) and the kleenex box. I used white gel pen on the kleenex.

Then I doodled around the edges and mounted her on blue cardstock which I ripped off at the bottom for a kind of rough edge - since she is sick and all.

I stamped the sentiment and doodled around it and glued it on blue cardstock also. I cut stripes of patterned cardstock so that it would look like ribbon and glued it across the bottom of the bella and the sentiment and popped it on with some pop dots.

The orange card I embossed with the CUTTLEBUG (I LOVE THAT THING!!) hearts embossing folder. I had a scrap of orange ribbon that I plopped on there for the finishing touch!!

Oh yes, since it was cataracts she had removed took some bling and stuck them on the eyes just for laughs!! hee hee hee!
I really do have the greatest mom!! LUCKY ME!!

25 Sep 2007


Cleaning lady is coming tomorrow, so now we all run around like chickens with our heads cut off, trying to clean the house so the cleaning lady can come!! Folding clothes, picking up clothes, doing laundry, washing dishes, drying dishes, sweeping the floor, yipping at each other (not necessarily in that order) DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL??!!!??!!

When we are done all that, I wonder why she has to come at all, but the wonderful smell of my house and the clean floors and the dusted furniture makes every other week worth the effort!!

It has been so d*#@*ed hot around here lately, you would never know it was fall. I think the weather guy said it was 89 degrees today..I mean REALLY!!
Just got back from supper with my daughter and her little boy who is going to have his 1st birthday soon!! So exciting!! Maybe we can have a bar-b-que in this heat!!

Well, speaking of bar-b-que's (what a segway!) take a look at grillafella! It is horrible picture, I will try to take a better one. I get so excited about blogging them that I take the darn pictures at night and then they turn out so crappy and then I insist to myself to "blog them anyway"!!

Anywhoooo, I stamped this Stamping Bella guy with versafine onyx black instant dry pigment ink ---oh man, there has to be an easier way to say that!! - on white cardstock, then tombowed him (made up that word) with my oh-so-cool-oh Tombow markers and doodled around the edge. I glued him with my Tombow mono glue onto DCWV mat stacks then popped him up on my card which is red checkerboard - isn't that cute!! just like a picnic! and stripedpaper --I have to find out what that paper is and then change my blog. I stamped on "It's Your Day" and made a tag and I popped on some American crafts element ribbon with a popdot and there we go! so simple!! and fun!!

Went to math class today with daughter #2 (only #2 in order, not in my heart - but you already knew that) so that makes me want to do a school card. Maybe with Teachabella!!

I NEVER get tired of my bellas!!! LUCKY ME!!!

24 Sep 2007

Glorious Winobella!!

Just had lunch with my mom, who is the greatest by the way. I had to borrow back the get well card I gave her so I could take a picture of it because I forgot to take my camera with me. She loved it!! - aren't mom's great!!
Get well card later --right now I am Luvin' the Winobella!! She is so darn sure of herself and she should be--she looks great!!

I stamped her with Versafine "onyx black" instant dry pigment ink, and glued her on a piece of turquoise DCWV Mat Stack.

Then I used black Tombow marker for her gorgeous curls and her headband and shoes and then Stickles for her necklace and frillies on her dress and the bows on her shoes (whew!) If you have never tried the Stickles -TRY THEM!! They are absolutely gorgeous and so easy to use!!

Tombow markers for the wine and wine bottle and Prism marker for her body! Doodled around her with black ziggy marker and munched up blue and brown chalk so she looks a little grounded, even though she IS drinking!! LOL!!

I restamped her on a scrap of patterned cardstock, cut out the dress and glued it on with the Tombow mono glue- my FAV- by the way.....that is the only glue I use, unless I am poppin' out stuff or putting down ribbon- and even then if I am too lazy to get my ribbon glue!!!- oh come on -- you know what I am talking about!!! LOL

The mustard and red flowers in the corner are Queen & Co. Fab Flowers "Hottie" and a turquoise brad in the middle with a cutesie little Heidi Swapp icee small flower on top!!

Then I glued more scrap paper onto red cardstock and glued her on using pop dots so she stands out a bit. Then I attached two mustard colour brads on the lower corner and VOILA!! a card worthy of a glass of wine!! I think I will have one right now!!

Oh forget it --I have to pick up my car from the mechanic - my fairly NEW car I might add! - can you spell R-E-C-A-L-L geez!! Oh well the loaner was a 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix - LOL!! I LUV it!!

So back to the real world with my little Torrent which I also LUV! - and can get into and out of a little easier.......LUCKY ME!!!

Good morning!

**EDIT** I forgot to mention (how could I !???) that this card was for the challenge in the Paper Pretties club in which I belong. I hopefully will be doing some of their challenges once in a while (if its not too hard {whining})

Good morning to you!!

Well I worked last night on my PomPomabella card and finished her, which of course, is from Stamping Bella, (which I LUV - but you knew that!)

She is sooo cute, and ready to cheer you up!!

This card gave me a headache - really. I changed my mind so much, back and forth and back again!!

I ripped off the first ribbon which would have been pretty in the right place but it was not a cheery ribbon, then I screwed up the second ribbon (lumps and bumps) and so I finally decided to make my own. I glued light yellow paper on turquoise paper (both from Mat Stacks) and then ran them through the Cuttlebug with the spots and dots embossing folder - not bad.

Pompomabella's hair and outfit was coloured with my Tombow markers -luv 'em- and her luvely fleshy colour is from the Prism marker (which I also got from Stamping Bella).

Her pom poms, hair ribbon, shoes and the outline of her skirt was done in my NEW Gellyroll stardust markers that I got at a Scrapbook show and sale on Saturday!! Then I doodled around the edges with a ziggy marker.

Argyle paper is from Scrapworks - anything schooly brings out the argyle - don't you think!

The three sweet buttons are from the Love Elsie-Toby line from KI Memories. I didn't know where I would use those and I did. I had four bling brads in their place but they were too little and kind of off center and ugh! so I ripped off the back mat and reglued onto new matting, but there were holes from the brads - thus the headache - then found the cute little Elsie buttons - saved my night !!- and stuck them on to cover up the BIG GAPING HOLES from those brads! Worked perfectly!!

Sometimes, things you don't think will work anywhere, will work!!

I am going out to gather up my 12,000 eggs and then going to have lunch with my mom, who just had her cataracts done. I sent her a handmade Getwellbella card and put little blings on the eyes -- hee hee! I forgot to take a picture so I better take my camera so I can post it.

Yeah mom!! LUCKY ME!!
Lastly, I leave you a picture of my daughter and my puppy, Rosie, not because you may want to see it, but because I can if I want, and that is what we blogger's do - shamelessly.....

23 Sep 2007

My New Paper Pretties Box!!

Oh my goodness!! I forgot to tell you....HOW could I forget this....It came!! My new package from Paper Pretties!! MY VERY FIRST CARD PACKAGE!! Pompomabella-oh the things I can do with this stamp!! I have to get to work on her but first I have a Billboardabella to post!

Of course it is a Stamping Bella, Billboardabella, to be exact wishing you Happy Thoughts!! On the bottom half of this cutie-patootie I used sparkly paper from DCWV and on the top of the card the GREAT cuttlebug embossing folder - stylized flowers was used. Tombow markers, Basic Grey ribbon - Lily Kate - and of course STICKLES on her shoes and around her billboard, although you probably can't see it too clearly on these pictures, but I did, honest... I LUV Stickles and I love this card!! I used those crazy scrapbooking scissors (one of the very first scrapbooking things I ever got {sniff}) that are so difficult to use, to cut the matting. You would think that a pair of scissors would be simple but ooooh no. Well, maybe if I didn't try to hurry everything, they may have cooperated just a bit. Anywhooooo - I just chalked around the bottom with pale pink and brown and munched it all together, just so it looks like she is standing on something and not on thin air! HAHA!! I think it turned out rather cute!!

Well, of course I shamelessly CASED this card from my Paper Pretties friend who sent me the RAK when I joined the card club! I was in a card funk and had to see if I could do it and it is no where close, but I do still like him.

Another Stamping Bella (which I love if you haven't noticed) Beerafella, who by the way must be drinking my favourite beer, Alexander Keith's premium beer because of the green label, hee hee!

I used the Happy Birthday Cuttlebug embossing folder on the top with beautiful striped paper underneath (that is lame but I can't remember the brand). I coloured him with tombow markers and cut out the little label because I don't have a "word window" punch - right now -it's probably coming - stamped in Brilliance White with the Happy Birthday stamp from My Favorite Things.

Then I doodled (cased again-oh my) around the edge with black tombow and tilted him a little - well he is drinking!! Oh yeh, the Happy Birthday came from the "Sassy Sayings" stamps in My Favorite Things.

How DO you guys remember everything to put down?????

Thank you EVERYONE for all your help these past 2 days! LUCKY ME!!!!

Ahhhh, lovely Sunday!!

The day of rest.....yeh right. My hubby and I moved all my daughter's stuff across the road (finally) to her house that she has lived in since May. We put the trailer on the four-wheeler and backed up to the front door and loaded everything on the trailer. It took a few trips back and forth but when you live on gravel, the neighbours even stop to help you, so it didn't take long at all-just back-breaking!!

I have finally decided that, yes, I am going to get into her room and use it for a scrapbooking and stamping room!! YES!! I am going to do it!! Man, what a job. The dresser is still in there but I am drawing up plans and I hope it turns out all right. My other daughter wants to put her 2 cents worth in which I guess I can use all the help organizing. She is kind of anal about that and I am definitely NOT!

Okay, I have been busy making cards, so here it goes.....
Well, of course I didn't make this one.

I need to tell EVERYONE that this card was a RAK to me from the Paper Pretties bunch when I joined the "Card of the month club"!

Well, I don't know for sure if that is what it was or they just sent it to me, but I am going to say that it was a RAK card so I was sooo happy about that!! (and you can't take that away).

It is so beeeeeaaauuuuutiful!!! I squealed when I opened the envelope and I was not really a squealer until I joined Paper Pretties and saw all those Stamping Bellas!!

I just LUV them to pieces and so guess what I did? GUESS?!!

I went right on the Stamping Bella site and bought up several...Cruisabella, Beerafella, Surprisabella, and so many more.....I have so much work to do!!!


22 Sep 2007

How strange is this.........

Well, here I am, starting a blog about the cards I make (and maybe a bit about my life - just tune out here if necessary) and not knowing a thing about it........and I must admit I am a little nervous just typing away and rambling on.

My daughter says I don't try enough new things, so wait till she gets a load of this!! HAHA!

I will be showing my handmade cards- some of them aren't so bad, and reading sooooo many great stampers' blogs - I LOVE stamping blogs and that is why I am doing this. Maybe you will like this type of reading.......and maybe not......but anyway, leave me a comment if you like my cards.......or don't!!

Now I just hope I can find my way back to this blog when I want to add more posts...........!! {embarrassed grin}.......Oh!!! LUCKY ME!!!